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Dancehall and reggae music has made a great impact on the lives of many societies. It is widely listened to in many countries around the world. The late 70s are regarded to be the time when the dancehall first came to be known. Raggae music is known to be more reformed originates from the 60s. It started as a cultural heritage and soon spread out to the rest of the world. Its characterized by its slow rhythms and that are almost spiritual as well as revolutionary. The reggae and dancehall music has influenced and impacted the cultures and the societies that are in the world. Know the reggae and dancehall origins.

Those who have contributed to the growth of the reggae and dancehall music have a great impact. Music influencers that have made marks after the release of new albums, and how the music has impacted the music culture. Influencers like King Addies whose music and albums are appreciated by society and fans all around the world. The Djs are popularly known for the standards tey to make while playing new music and the exclusiveness of the content that they play.

Recordings are made by the DJs, who rewrite the words and male it in such a way that the original artist says out their name. Fans use Dj names to make references of their favorite song hits or artists this makes the Dj more famous. The Djs memorize the lyrics of the dancehall or reggae music making it an anthem.

The DJs that play dancehall and reggae tunes play a seductive rhythm that involves them speaking in the midst of playing the music. The process of speaking while the music is playing was founded by an influencer in the 70s who was speaking while playing the reggae music. The speaking over playing music si also seen in the hip hop culture.

Dancehall music rhythm is fast. Drumming is sometimes used in place of acoustics in dancehall music. The lyrics of dancehall is explicit and raunchy. DJ yellowman in the 80s made a transition from reggae to dancehall music that was played in nightclubs. The dancehall music was regarded to contain " slack" that involved a raunchy culture that covered sexual and seductive speech that was disguised in metaphors. Yellowmancovered issues of political and social content in his music.

Computerized beats were developed in the 80s. With the growth of dancehall music, the explicit discourse continued to grow and soon became the norm for dancehall DJs. Raggae and dancehall have evolved and it is no more like the culture in the 70s. Raggae artist cover issues affecting the world today. Dancehall music is a bit explicit with its content covering weapons and wealth. To understand more about this topic, click here:

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